Gonocrypta grevei

4 de octubre de 1987 (), actualizado
Climber to 4 m. Leaves thin, dark green above, pale below, fine reticulate venation visible but not prominent. Sepals dull pink, recurved, membranous. Corolla with bulbous tube, white outside, deep purple-pink inside, lobes deep pink-mauve. Margin slightly recurved, except apical portion. Corona lobes erect, teeth laterally flattened towards the apex, with an incurved apiculus arising from the dorsal edge. Reproductive parts enclosed within corolla tube, pale yellow-green. Plant with white latex.

Autor: Peter B. Phillipson


Ubicación: 46.0° 18.0’ 59.0” N25.0° 0.0’ 59.0” W

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