Erythrina mexicana

28 de febrero de 1983 (), actualizado
Tree 20 m tall, 60 cm DBH, with straight bole, armed with spines. Leafless but leaves now beginning to flush (leaves from nearby juvenile tree). Inflorescences ascending, not erect. Now nearly at end of flowering season (was in full flower in October); very heavy fruit set. Corolla B & K red 5/7.5, calyx red 5/10, thin, chartaceous, more or less truncate or somewhat longer on carinal than vexillar side. Flowers drooping on lax pedicels, buds long; cylindric, not toothed. In mixed pine- oak mesophyll forest, with Rhododendron, Clethra, several Araliaceae, Chaetoptelea. In moist draw. No other individuals seen.

Autor: David A. Neill


Ubicación: 96.0° 54.0’ 35.0” S16.0° 7.0’ 47.0” E

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