Adansonia perrieri

1 de diciembre de 1991 (), actualizado
Tree 25 m, 2 m dbh; trunk tapering; bark grey; crown more or less flat-topped; twigs thick (c 2 cm) with persistent brown stipules; petiole yellowish green; leaflets dark green above, paler below, midrib yellowish, veins sunken above, raised below; flower buds green, yellow-green just before anthesis; calyx yellowish within; petals pale yellow, darkenøing with age; androecium white, yellowø ing with age; anthers yellow; stima reddish-pink; style pale pink above, white just above ovary, caducous; flower fragrant; fruit ovoid c twice as long as wide, yellowish-brown to black.



Ubicación: 49.0° 9.0’ 59.0” N12.0° 28.0’ 59.0” W

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